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The Lakota Waldorf School was founded in 1993 by a group of Lakota parents committed to an alternative vision for their children's education - one that includes traditional Lakota values. The founders of the Lakota Waldorf School recognized that for a school to succeed on the reservation it must help the Lakota children to connect with their roots and to develop skills necessary to lead healthful, fulfilling lives in the future. The founders were John Around Him, Robert and Isabel Stadnick, John Haas, Richard Moves Camp, Saunie Wilson and Norman Under Baggage.

The school is located near Kyle, South Dakota, a community in the middle of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in the Pejuta Haka (Medicine Root) District. This is one of nine districts that comprise the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The Lakota Waldorf School is a pilot initiative; it is the only Waldorf School on a Native American reservation. The curriculum will offer to our children assimilation of traditional Lakota language and culture through the Waldorf curriculum and teaching approach.

The LWS is governed by a board of directors of Lakota who work towards creating a better future for the children.

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