Board and Staff

The Lakota Waldorf School is governed by a dedicated Board of community members and staff who are devoted to the future of the children.  The growth and achievments reflect the wonderful work of this hardworking group of people.

Board of the Lakota Waldorf School / Wolakota Waldorf Society:

President - Charlie White Buffalo
Vice President - Oitancan Mani Zephier, Parent Representative
Treasurer - Krystal Brave Eagle
Secretary - Emmaline Poor Bear, Parent Representative
Teacher Representative - Naomi Last Horse
Administration - Isabel Stadnick 



Joyce Little Whiteman, Naomi Last Horse


Isabel Stadnick - Administration/ Development

        TashinaSapa Thunder Hawk- Office Manager

Bus Driver

Howard Rooks

Teacher Assistant

Maria Ramirez, Sara Mesteth


        Sundown Montileaux, Alexandra Hunter


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