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Fundraising Efforts

The Lakota Waldorf School is a non profit entity that operates with the support of individuals and organizations. Your contribution of time, money and/or supplies is greatly appreciated. Through the fundraising tours to many European Waldorf schools, the group of people who supported the school with private donations grew. This support made it possible:

  • to build the first small kindergarten house.
  • school classes from Germany, Switzerland and the USA helped construct the buildings, did renovations,  landscaping and other works.
  • Throughout the next years different Waldorf teachers offered their time and work for a period of approximately 2 years, mostly on a volunteer basis, which was a immense financial release for the school in early developing stages.
  • The donations were barely enough to cover the basic running expenses of the school.
  • The demand for the kindergarten was very strong. Thus creating a waiting list.
  • Due to the limited finances it was not possible to buy a second school bus to enable the transportation for more children.
  • After all efforts the main problem of financing the school remained. Due to the poverty level it is impossible to ask parents for tuition, fees or to raise money within the community. The school board is at the moment working on a concept that ensures the financing of the kindergarten / school and to cover the cost for one school year in advance.
  • Since the year 2009 all teachers at the Lakota Waldorf School are Lakota speakers.
  • Through a SCF grant (Strenghtening Communities Fund) from the First Nation Developing Insitute we were able to strengthen and develope our organization.
  • Through a generous grant from the Moore Charitable Trust in December 2010 we were able to buy a new schoolbus for a safer transportation for our kindergarten children.
  • A generous grant from RSF Social Finance, seed fund, San Francisco,CA, enabled us to build our own organic school garden.  Roots & Shoots from the Jane Goodall Institue works with us. They donated seeds, plants and help us with planting, maintaining and harvesting our garden.
  • We are greatful for every help and every donation and send our heartfelt Thank you's to all our friends and supporters.


You contribution is greatly appreciated.

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