Here are some items we're listing that you can donate to our school. They will greatly help our school operations and the children.

We appreciate all the donations you can provide for us. Wopila! (Thank You!)



Watercolour Paper: Item - 10310100

Decorative Wax: Item - 85063300

Lesson Planning for Waldorf Teachers-educational quality development: Item - 6521170

Small Main Lesson Book: Item - 1512031

Stockmar Circle Colours: Item - 850410 (51 Red, 55 Yellow, 59 Blue)

Ukkie Childrens Glue: Item - 30110101

Mercurius Website - Classroom Chair: Item - 50160002

Mercurius Website - Classroom Table: Item - 50160102


All items were found on the Mercurius website, and available through one of their retailers. 


Additonal Items: 

Orange Beeswax

Candle Wicks

Office Scissors

Copy Paper

Christmas Tree Candles

Ink for Printers (HP Black 950, HP CMY 951)

Ink Pens


You contribution is greatly appreciated.

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