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The Lakota Waldorf School is in the process of modifying our "Future Campus" and has been working with Jeff Dickinson, Energy & Sustainable Design, towards a more environmentally sustainable school campus. We will update you as we continue to move forward.  

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The Lakota Waldorf School Board announced the completion of a long term Campus Master Plan to guide the facility’s growth. The school currently provides kindergarten, first/second grade classes. For the past few years, classes have been taught in the Lakota language in an immersion environment. The Campus Master Plan is designed to accommodate the immersion concept throughout all the expansion efforts. The planning work was funded by the Honor the Earth Foundation and prepared by Wyss Associates, Inc.

The future plan shows the campus as a seven tipis arranged around an inner circle materialized by a path in the colors of the four directions. A cottonwood tree, the Tree of Life, is planted at the center of the circle that would be the campus gathering place. The tipi classrooms accommodate classes from kindergarten to eighth grade. The seven tipis represent the seven subdivisions of the Nation and are arranged in a circle with the entrance facing the east, according to the setting of the traditional camp. The location for a future high school is identified on the master plan. The plan includes accommodations for dining, library, greenhouse, organic gardens, administrative offices, gymnasium, ballfields and workshops. A retail outlet provides a sales opportunity for school and local arts and crafts. The campus will incorporate a great amount of renewable energy and sustainable design features including solar, wind and water recycling. Future employee housing and guest lodging rounds out the plan.

For more information please contact Isabel Stadnick at or Pat Wyss at

You can also read more on our planning process via Master Planning Document

The Lakota Waldorf School faculty, staff and Board of Directors would like to thank Patrick Wyss for his time and contribution on the Master Plan and Winona LaDuke from Honor the Earth for the Grant Award she has given the school. Located below are more pictures for your convenience. 


Lakota Waldorf School Thumbnail
Lakota Waldorf School Thumbnail
Lakota Waldorf School Thumbnail

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